SoySixx® [EN]

High Mn supply with a balance of the main micronutrients.

Raizer® [EN]

Multifunctional rooter for better use of soil nutrients and resistance to weather adversities.

Primestar® [EN]

A balanced mixture of water-soluble nutrients for foliar application at an early stage of the crop.

PlexxusMn [EN]

Complex Manganese source that presents the highest efficiency in Mn foliar absorption, in the most diverse application grouts

PlexxusMg [EN]

Smart Mg supply supporting high foliar uptake efficiency.

P52 [EN]

High concentration of P2O5, helping crop development in the periods of increased demand for this element.

OrganoCálcio 21 [EN]

High concentration seaweed-based calcium contributing to microbial life in the soil and the rhizosphere

NMoNi [EN]

Intelligent nitrogen supply contributes to the rapid assimilation of N forms by the plant.

Native®️ Organo+ [EN]

An ideal fertilizer for crop development, nourishing the plants and promoting the development of the system.

N30 [EN]

High concentration of Nitrogen, its composition contains three forms of N that are assimilable by the plant.