Blum CaB2

Produto ideal para florada da sua lavoura favorecendo Cálcio e Boro.

SoySixx® [EN]

High Mn supply with a balance of the main micronutrients.

Primestar® [EN]

A balanced mixture of water-soluble nutrients for foliar application at an early stage of the crop.

NMoNi [EN]

Intelligent nitrogen supply contributes to the rapid assimilation of N forms by the plant.

N30 [EN]

High concentration of Nitrogen, its composition contains three forms of N that are assimilable by the plant.

Mix Full [EN]

Balanced mixture of micronutrients promoting vegetative development in a continuous and harmonious way.

MaxiCálcio [EN]

Calcium supply efficiency for foliar application, fertigation and soil.

Implanta [EN]

Multifunctional technology developed with a focus on high efficiency in sugarcane planting.

GramTop [EN]

High nutrient absorption for the vegetative development of crops.

Finaliser [EN]

Balanced composition that promotes grain growth and filling, indicated for chloride-sensitive crops.